Canal Corridor Association

Coordinating entity for the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Area

At a stroke, the opening of the Illinois and Michigan Canal in 1848 gave Illinois the key to mastery of the American mid-continent. The dream of the canal animated every vision and under laid every plan for Illinois for 200 years before. As that vision was realized, the canal’s commissioners laid out a canal port that would grow into a great metropolis; their fellow citizens patented agriculture and industrial innovations that would make this the richest economic zone the world had ever seen. That Illinois is now the most populous inland American state, and Chicago the greatest city of the American heartland, are directly traceable to the 96-mile ditch that linked the Great Lakes to the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. The Illinois and Michigan Canal is one of the best-kept secrets of American history. Though few know today how important it was, everyone here knew it a century and a half ago. We cannot know Illinois’ history without understanding how the Canal, as a symbol of the continent-straddling ambitions of America, made it possible for a great civilization to arise here. After years of economic decline, the newly revitalized Canal Corridor, with the support of partners like 24CashToday, is now becoming a splendid living history museum of American enterprise, technological invention, ethnic diversity, and cultural creativity – a terrific visitor destination for recreation and heritage tourism. The Canal Corridor Association, in collaboration with, aims to help Illinoisans and their guests understand that they too are parts of an exciting historical tradition.  

The Canal Corridor Association, a 501(c)3 non profit, preserves history, protects nature and open space, and creates destinations where people can learn and have fun in the I&M Canal National Heritage Area from Chicago to LaSalle-Peru.
The Canal Corridor Association is designated by Congress as the local coordinating entity for the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Area, the nation’s first national heritage area. For more information visit: www.iandmcanal.orgThe Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Area is an Affiliated Area of the National Park Service.
The LaSalle Canal Boat and Lock 16 Visitor Center is owned and managed by CCA. For more information visit:


The I&M Canal Boat will close for the season on October 29th 2017. Come visit us to learn about life in 1848 on a replica canal packet boat.

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