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October 2, 2015 0 comments

Canal Alliance members get involved by joining one of the Canal Alliance working groups. Information about Alliance working groups is listed below. If you are interested in participating in one or more working groups, please complete the forms provided in your area of interest. Completed forms can be e-mailed, faxed or mailed.

Canal Alliance Working Groups

Conservation Working Groups
The conservation working groups are comprised of conservation partners and conservation advocates. Conservation partners are government entities and non-profit organizations that are actively conserving natural resources within boundaries of the IMCNHC, while conservation advocates volunteer their time to conserve natural resources.

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Conservation Contact Info

Education/Interpretation Working Groups
The education/interpretation working groups are comprised of storytelling partners and education partners. Storytelling partners are individuals or sites that tell the stories of the IMCNHC, while education partners are those individuals who work as educators, telling the stories of the Corridor in a classroom setting.

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Education-Interpretation Contact Info

Recreation Working Groups
The recreation working groups are comprised of recreation partners and recreation advocates. Recreation partners privately own recreation facilities or businesses manage public owned recreation areas/sites, are recreation groups or recreation businesses, while recreation advocates are individuals who advocate for recreation within the IMCNHC.

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Resource Protection/Preservation Working Groups
The resource protection/preservation working groups are comprised of the canal working group (governmental agencies), special places partners, and special places advocates. The special places partners are managers of publicly owned sites (historic, cultural, and unique Corridor Sites) or owners of privately owned sites, while special places advocates are comprised of preservation organizations, certified local governments, and local preservation commissions.

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Resource Protection/Preservation Contact Info

Tourism Working Groups
The tourism working groups are comprised of the tourism alliance working group (state agencies and organizations), tourism partners, and designated sites and events (under development). Tourism partners are interested in promoting tourism within Corridor and may have sites, which are open for tourists, have businesses that cater to tourists such as bed and breakfasts or restaurants, and/or hold events that attract visitors.

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