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I&M Canal Illustrated Book: Passage to Chicago

July 28, 2014 0 comments

Passage to Chicago: A Journey on the Illinois & Michigan Canal in the Year 1860, takes the reader on a special journey by giving them an in-depth, illustrated look at life on a fictional canal boat, the Prairie Star, as it travels to Chicago just before the Civil War. You will experience the daily lives of those who lived and worked on the canal boats, as well as the towns through which they traveled. Hop on board with the canalers, mule boys, the lock tenders, and their families, miners, quarrymen, shopkeepers, and others, to witness their world of more than 150 years ago.

Illustrator and historian Tom Willcockson worked closely with the Canal Corridor Association (CCA) to recreate the sights, sounds, and challenges encountered by a family-owned canal boat on a journey from LaSalle-Peru to Chicago, just before the American Civil War. Tom’s well-researched and gorgeously detailed maps and illustrations in this 84-page book provide fascinating insights into a way of life few of us can imagine today.

One of the goals of the Illinois & Michigan Canal Nation Heritage Area is to tell accurate, interesting, and compelling stories of the rich history of the region we now know as the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Area (IMCNHA).

If you are interested in purchasing this this book please call (815)220-1848 or visit www.iandmcanal.org/passagetochicago

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